What is the cheapest way to buy Shakeology shake??

There are so many ways to buy Shakeology that you may be asking yourself which is the best choice for you!! I will go over your options quickly so that you can make that decision!!

One time shipment: 
With the option for a single shipment you will be purchasing Shakeology Shake at $119.95 (+$7.50 for Tropical), tax plus shipping.

Home direct:
With this option you will be purchasing Shakeology shake at $119.95 with free shipping!! You will be placed on monthly shipments! BUT WAIT!! Even if you wouldn’t want monthly shipments you can use this option for your first order, get free shipping, and a free gift and then after you get your shipment if you choose to you can cancel your monthly shipments!! You still get to save the shipping money and keep your free gift. This seems like a no brainer to me!! If you choose this method and want to cancel your home direct shipments all you have to do is send an email to customerservice@teambeachbody.com and ask them to cancel your Shakeology Shake home direct. EASY!!

Team Beachbody Club Membership:
I love the Team Beachbody Club. It includes a free meal planner with scheduling, recipes and a grocery list!! SWEET!!! If you sign up for Team Beachbody Club you will receive:

  • 10% discount on purchases of Beachbody®fitness programs, gear, and supplements.
  • Personalized meal plans, nutrition tips, and delicious, healthy recipes that make it easy to lose weight—a $120.00 a month value.
  • VIP access to our celebrity trainers. Watch their videos, ask them questions, and read their motivational articles.
  • Get your own personal Coach to provide you with all the support, tools, and motivation you need to reach your goals.
  • Share advice, get community support, and find workout buddies to help you hit your goals on our Message Boards.
  • Schedule your workouts and track your progress in the WOWY SuperGym®, where you’re eligible to win up to $300 a day in cash and prizes.

If you choose this option Team Beachbody Club is $32.99 every 12 weeks. You can combine this option with Home Direct and get your Shakeology Shake for $119.95 – 10% (Club membership), free shipping and a free gift!! WHOOT!! Now we are talking!!

Join Team Beachbody Club!!!


Become a Team Beachbody Coach/Distributor: 

As a Team Beachbody coach you will receive 25% off of all of your purchases. You can combine this option with Home Direct and get your Shakeology Shake for $119.95 – 10% (Club membership), free shipping and a free gift!! This is the CHEAPEST way to order!!  It costs a WHOPPING $39.99 to buy your Team Beachbody distributorship and you will pay a $14.99 maintenance fee for your website and business resources. You will also have endless income opportunity with this option to help pay for your Shakeology and to even help with other bills and financial obligations!

YES! I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach!!!

Team Beachbody Challenge Packs: 
Team Beachbody Challenge Packs are priced at the coaches price without having to be a coach. They include Shakeology, one of our most popular fitness programs, and 30 days of Team Beachbody Club! These packs are DEEPLY discounted and if you aren’t wanting to the distributorship they are by far the best way to get your Shakeology and TONS of others goodies for the best price!!

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